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Need a friend

If you’re lonely
And need a friend
And troubles seem like
They never end,
Just remember to keep the Faith,
And Love will be there to Light the Way

Anytime you need a friend,
I will be here.
You’ll never be alone again,
So don’t you fear.
Even if you’re miles away,
I’m by your side.
So don’t you ever be lonely.
Love will make it alright.

When the shadows are closing in
And your Spirit deminishing,
Just remember you’re not alone,
And Love will be there
To Guide you Home.

If you just believe in me,
I will Love you endlessly.
Take my hand.
Take me into your Heart.
I’ll be there forever, baby.
I won’t let go.
I’ll never let go.

Friendship Secrets

A friend’s secret is a precious gift,
Once entrusted to you,
it must be kept forever.

True friendship is a fabric
That nothing can unravel.

A true friend…
Never sits in judgment.

Break a promise to a friend,
and you have lost something
irreplaceable within yourself.

Sometimes tact is needed
When telling the truth.

The safety net of friendship
Will catch you when you fall.

Despair thrives on solitude,
Your sorrows will grow smaller
As soon as you share them with a friend.

Friendship is there where ever you go

Friendship is there where ever you go
Friendship is there when you over dose
Friendship loves and Friendship cares
Friendship is life with a little dares

Friendship hurts when your not there
Friendship dies everywhere
Friendship is even the life you lost
Friendship is love with a little cost

…….And that’s why ‘Friendship’ is what it is today
You can’t live ‘life’ with enemies in your way
So go back to school and make up
Tell your enemies you f***ed up

…….And maybe just maybe they’ll say ‘Okay! ‘
Then your life would be easier today
Now go home and explain everything
Friendship means multiple meanings everyday